Wedding Magician

make your wedding day extra special with added magic

Why hire a close up magician as your wedding entertainer? Because the day of your marriage is one you want to share with your family and friends but you can't be with all your guests all at the same time. Darren who is an experienced magician in close-up magic will keep the celebration atmosphere alive while you relax and enjoy your special evening.

Magic is entertaining for all ages and genders and as most people never have the chance to see magic up close a wedding magician will add to a memorable evening for all your guests. Darren your wedding magician will be a talking point amongst your guests helping to introduce strangers in joint wonder at the performance.

Close up magic is ideal for wedding receptions because it does not require any set up or special equipment. Darren arrives with just what's in his suit pockets. He performs his illusions to a semi-circle of onlookers, or a table of seated guests, stood up or around the bar or larger crowds, depending on what you want.

Excited reaction from the brideChoosing the right time for the wedding magician to perform is an important and personal choice so Darren will be happy to talk to you about what's best for your wedding evening magic. Having Darren at your wedding (space wise) is only like having one more guest. It is important to remember Darren dresses very smart as other magicians are known to arrive in bright extravagant shirts, face make up, clown like shoes and even safari hats.

Darren only entertains at wedding evening receptions due to wedding schedules being very busy with many things going on.  Ceremonies often run behind time due to extensive delays caused by late guests, Often meals are delayed, photographers keeping guests behind for photographs and especially speeches running over in time etc. This is only because Darren wants you to get the most if of the time you book him for.  Also it is a long day for guest and Darren brings the evening to life keeping guest from the day ceromony and evening guests entertained.which is especially great for guests who don't know anyone else.